​​TreeLeaf Healing Center
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MMJ Recommendations!!
• $199(initial visits) & $139(follow-ups)
We certify previously diagnosed "qualifying conditions" by reviewing patients' medical documents/history, along with performing a physical exam to confirm conditions.

• $500
Education of Cannabis and its benefits, and importance of stimulating Endocannabinoid system pertaining to health. As well as offer a review of MMJ rules/regulations/legislation, and more!

Concierge Services!
• Price varies
We offer exclusive guide assistance at the the dispensaries for first time(inexperienced) user(s), and will make home visits for more debilitating conditions(SELECT PATIENTS)

MMJ Education
• Price varies
Introduction to the Endocannabinoid system, as well as a general review of MMJ and its medicinal benefits!!(including:Cannabis species, chemical components, routes of administration, strain selection)

Our Customers

  1. Our Mission is to reduce the amount of prescription pills or “Opiates” a patient may be using, by giving a more natural alternative to pain management and/or general health care. We hope to offer patients the opportunity to be in control of their health, and more importantly take back their quality of life!!